Mr. Bill's Pools & Spas

A swimming pool can prove to be quite a wonderful addition to your home. We provide a range of services to area residents to meet their maintenance, installation and repair needs. For years, Mr. Bill's Pools & Spas has been serving the southern tier of NY and northern PA. Our team of in-house specialists and technicians have been trained in water analysis, proper installation techniques and proper cleaning methods.

Troubleshooting pool problems

A noisy pump may indicate impending failure. Algae overgrowth can make it difficult to entertain guests. Suction issues with the system may make it difficult to keep the pool clean. We can diagnose and troubleshoot the most common pool problems our customers encounter.

Pool installation practices

We recommend working with a professional installer to safeguard against common pool problems and potential safety hazards. We handle any of the permitting requirements necessary to install the pool on the premises. We take our time to make sure that the pool is properly installed so you and your family can enjoy a safe, relaxing experience.

Routine cleaning and maintenance services

We've found that our customers can lower their cost of ownership with a routine maintenance program in place. A maintenance plan makes it easier to identify safety issues that put families at risk. We offer bi-weekly cleaning solutions for all of our customers.

Pool and spa relocation

Our customers find from time to time that they don't like the current location of their pool or spa. We can help them identify a more practical location for their pool or spa. We can relocate it to any area of the home and oversee any permitting, excavating or other installment requirements to ensure a professional installation.

We offer comprehensive installation, maintenance, cleaning and relocation services for all of our customers. Our goal is to keep you and your family safe as you enjoy your recreational experience.

Water delivery

Mr. Bill's Pools & Spas provides water in the southern tier of NY and northern PA.
Because we only deliver potable water, be assured that you are getting the best water available. Our clean water is delivered from water systems in your area. We deliver clean water to all types of swimming pools and ponds, no matter how big or how small. Whether you need a complete fill or just a top off, we can accommodate all of your request.

About Us

The team at Mr. Bill's has over 30 years of experience in the pool & spa business. Unlike many big-box stores, Mr. Bill's is family owned and operated. We treat our customers like they're a part of the family and form lasting relationships. We understand that pool installation is a huge undertaking, which is why every customer gets a personalized experience. We want you to enjoy your new pool.